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Los Chulos' story take us down to the United Kingdom where singer Federico Zig had lived since the year 2000. There he learned about song writing while hooking up with poets and bohemians in squats and pubs of the british capital. He would soon be picked up by Strokes' producer Gordon Raphael to record a single (wishes/2004) and later would release a first EP with his band My Juliette, titled 'Crying Ocean' (Pink Onion Records/2007). This sessions resulted in a delicate, moody and magical album that became a cult recording selling numerous copies around the world. It was also reviewed by several journalists. The music site wrote "This record is as magical and natural as gypsy music and secret gigs in the woods, like Gogol Bordello on opium. They are all pretty pretty songs", and said "My Juliette are full of promise, this sing-song style is truly delightful and when matched with tense guitarwork, it really lights a spark that's sure to signify a bright future for this band". My Juliette had achieved a cult following while succeeding in creating a new genre: a blend of dark glamadelic folk rock with the style of british bands and earthiness of latin music.

At the time of forming Los Chulos, and far away from the english bohemia, Zig and his school mate Anatole started working on some demos in the latin capital of Buenos Aires in the late 07'. They had previously worked on a band together which took them on a latin american tour achieving press attention. They performed live at Chilean ViaX TV Channel and did several radio performances. Anatole also devoted his days working as an experimental photographer (mostly shooting naked female models in weird settings). They would be joined by two old friends: Juan Braver, a young talented jazz/rock guitarist who had just returned from Los Angeles where he studied music, and Hernan Des, a versatile bass player and musician who perfectly fitted the sound and image of 'Los Chulos'. The band was completed and soon they'd start playing intense shows in the capital, causing a real buzz and attracting hundreds of fans to their gigs.

The Argentinean rock outfit "Los Chulos" present their debut EP titled Buenos Aires town. It's classy, raw and culturally confusing. It's a storm of supremely melodic electric guitars, combined with tribal drumming 'a la Velvet Underground' (sometimes driven to the edge of punk), a touch of old school drunken reggae and rock and roll. Over this colorful layers stand the unusually high pitched caressing vocals, sometimes dreamy, some others nightmare reminiscent. It introduces the story of a dangerous promised land: 'Buenos Aires Town'.

Today they unleash their first EP through the British Pink Onion Records. This new recording picks up the shattered pieces of the previous 'Crying Ocean' and injects a high dose of stimulants to develop a more energetic vibe, detaching from the opiate reveries described by the british press on the 'Crying' reviews. The whole session was done live with no overdubs in the summer of 2007 at a temperature of 39 degrees to deliver a pure melting honesty. It's like the comeback to life after the depression, life and british memories through latin eyes. Portraits of lonely bloody winters, mornings and wine, girls in gothic dresses, more opium, some gin, international losers, guns, knives, gypsies and unsettling twisted stories. It contains five tracks that will get you dancing in no time. Don't listen this songs too many times or you'll be addicted!